Elven Legacy ภาพสวยมากเลยครับ

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Elven Legacy ภาพสวยมากเลยครับ

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Elven Legacy delivers a world filled with magic, and a thrilling
nonlinear storyline, gauged to provide many hours of gameplay for
strategy enthusiasts. Through an epic quest to restore the former glory
of the Elven race, this fantasy strategy game offers both depth and
scope, all in colorful and inspirational settings.
Play as an elf or a human, in the two primary campaigns – or why not
the Orcs, in a wide variety of bonus missions? With the accompanying
tools, players may also create their own missions and campaigns, and
share them through multiplayer.


  • Classic turn-based strategy gameplay as seen in such series as Heroes of Might & Magic
  • More than 100 various units in nine arms and five powerful heroes
  • Five playable factions, available for multiplayer combat in 16 scenarios
  • Various game endings which depend on the player’s choices
  • Powerful built-in game editor

Hardware Requirements

  • PC with 512 MB of RAM
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Graphics card with at least 128 MB memory

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Game Master

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Re: Elven Legacy ภาพสวยมากเลยครับ

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